Hi everyone, I am a web developer who also dables a bit in web design and animation. I am very passionate about what I do. It is a great feeling watching your work come to life and an even better feeling knowing you do what you love for a living.

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A bit About me

As an artist in New York City, I began my career as a graphic designer in 2004 with interest in animation. In 2008 I moved into the field of web-development as a freelance web-developer. I currently work for Cardiovascular Research Foundation, as a Junior Developer, where I handle the development of many website related projects. Aside from development I have tutored for the Learning Research Foundation, where I help students in web development, flash programming, design, and animation. Learning is an on going process for me. I love to learn and never stop looking for new things to learn. Many of the resource and materials I have found I list here on my site for others.

Knowledge & Skills

Web Development

  • HTML/CSS: Understanding standard compliant html4, html5, css3 for cross browser compatibility
  • CMS: WordPress, Joomla
  • Able to create custom WP Themes, WP Child Themes, WP Custom menus, WP Custom post types, WP Custom sliders
  • Version control: Git version control/Bitbucket
  • PHP/Javascript/jQuery/AJAX/Angularjs
  • Responsive, Adaptive, Elastic Web development
  • APIs and Restful Services
  • Farmiliar with various frameworks and scripts including: TweenLight, Animation.css, Modernizr, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI, Zurb, Masonary,
  • Email Campaign Development,


  • Developing interactive interfaces with Action Script 3.0, jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, Angularjs


  • Digital Content Design
  • Website Design
  • Farmiliar with UX/UI Design concepts

Software Knowledge

  • Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, MAYA, Sublime and much more

Other Skills

  • Familiar with Flash Animation techniques, Learning MAYA modeling and 3D techniques
  • Also Check out some of the projects I have done for school or on my own free time on my jsFiddle or my project index

Web Design

Design is not just what looks good. It is also communication and functionality. I consider compatibility across all browsers and devices of all kinds using responsive, adaptive and elastic designs with graceful alternatives to support out of date technology.

Development and Mobile

So many modern tools like HTML5 & CSS3 to enhance and optimize user experience for a variety of tablets & Mobile devices. I use them all!

Flash and animation

Flash is where I fell in love with code. I find creating applications, websites, and animations using flash and AS3 one of my favorite things.

Email Development

Marketing your company or product is important and sometimes you need something that stands out. Though not my cup of tea, email development is something I have a lot of experience with. I developing responsive emails and create templates on many platforms including Pardot.


Tips & Bits of code to remember

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